Jackie's guide to making a website zineWant to make your own website, but don't know how to start? Jackie's awesome Zine is a 28-page, Risograph-printed comic guide to help you brainstorm, design, and bring a personal website to life.
Learn the basiscs of web design in 4 minutes. A step-by-step interactive tutorial that explains how to use basic CSS styling to make a nice looking homepage.
MDN Web Docs is a popular document repository and learning resource for web developers. This site provides learning resources for open web technologies like HTML and CSS.
Responsive web design is the practice of designing functioning websites that look good on different devices, screen sizes, orientations and resolutions. This freeCodeCamp course will take you through the basics of how to use CSS to make your homepages look good, no matter what device that they're viewed on.
Interneting Is Hard
Interneting Is Hard provides a comprehensive set of web development tutorials to help take you from beginner to pro. Topics covered include HTML/CSS basics, Flexbox, responsive images, typography and the importance of semantic HTML.