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Building high-performing sales processes for B2B SaaS. Going from Pre-seed β†’ Series A


β€œWe already got 10 big customers.” β€œThat's nice - but, is it scalable?” The answer is often NO. Many early-stage SaaS businesses find themselves in a position similar to that of 'SaaS 1' in the visual below. It seems like the product can be sold, and that they are actually solving something for a pool of customers. However, their problem is - they are serving several ICPs and helping them solve various use cases. Meaning - they are still searching for the holy grail of repeatability and scalability. This situation often creates a scattered product roadmap, defocused GTM efforts, and likely a stressed organization. It also creates an extremely difficult environment for the initial sales team to execute within. And as these first 10 customers are often misinterpreted as a sign that: β€œWe are ready to scale,” it often leads to an initiative of: Transformation from founder-led to sales-led growth. Which is almost certain to fail. While the SaaS 1 sales team has to be taught: - To sell to 4 different ICPs - To consult and solve 4 different use cases - To get an uncertain amount of messaging right - To use a series of different sales processes and playbooks The SaaS 2 sales team just has to: - Sell to one single ICP - Consult and solve 1 use case - Bring one clear message to the table - Use one well-defined sales process SaaS 2 solves one problem, for one ICP, with one solution. Nothing more, nothing less. Which is much easier to build an early GTM engine around. Having 10 clients only tells a fraction of the story.


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